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Alex Miller

Alex Miller: from Punk Magazine to Multi-Screen Media Brand


In just over 20 years, VICE has grown from a free punk magazine into one of the most recognisable voices in global media. Today, VICE creates hundreds of hours of video and editorial content for its network of digital, social, mobile and TV channels, all whilst still publishing an award-winning magazine. When VICE began picking up cameras to film the stories that were already filling the pages of the magazine a decade ago, few could have predicted the explosive growth online video would have or how VICE would be at the forefront of that shift. After beginning his career at the NME, Alex Miller joined VICE in 2009 and now oversees all editorial content across VICE's digital channels as Executive Creative Director, VICE UK. Miller joins PPA to explain how VICE has evolved from counter-culture outliers to a voice for young people everywhere, whilst retaining a distinctive voice and approach to story-telling.

About Alex Miller

Alex Miller is Executive Creative Director of VICE UK, overseeing editorial content across VICE's network of award winning digital channels.
Miller has worked at VICE for over eight years, most recently as VICELAND's Creative Director and prior to that as VICE's Global Head of Content.

Under Miller's tenure, VICE's journalism and video content won a series of awards including Best Video Journalism (American Society of Magazine Editors), Best Cultural Website (Webbys), Media Company of the Year (British Media Awards), Best Editorial Team (AOP Digital Publishing Awards) and Best Original Web Channel (Broadcast Digital Awards). Miller himself was named the Editor of the Year 2015 (Online Media Awards).

Miller has presented and produced investigative news documentaries from around the world, ranging from protests in Venezuela, to the rise of the far right in the UK, to the brutal fallout of the economic crisis in Greece.