Sold Out

David Dinsmore

One size doesn't fit all

Content is at the heart of everything we do at News UK - be it brilliant red top exclusives in The Sun or searing political insight in The Times.
This has been true since we started making newspapers. And we monetised them in the same way: through cover price and advertising revenue. Unfortunately, this is not a model that looks like being sustainable for the long term.

As our world becomes increasingly digital, there are new models developing for The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times. On the one hand it's about capitalising on the mass popularity of The Sun and on the other it's about recognising the premium reach of The Times papers.

Solving the monetisation conundrum is key to keeping our journalism at the heart of life in Britain in the 21st century.


About David

David became COO at News UK in September 2015. He has a long history with News UK starting as a reporter at the age of 22 on The Scottish Sun in 1990, before rising through the ranks to become Editor of The Sun in June 2013. David has held senior roles at Britain’s best-selling paper including Managing Editor where he helped to oversee the launch of the Sunday edition.

Born and raised in Scotland, David began his national newspaper career on The Scottish Sun where he became Editor in 2006, taking circulation to a market-leading 400,000-plus. In 2010, David was made General Manager of News UK in Scotland and subsequently became Director of Operations for News UK.

Illustration courtesy of Matt Sloe