Sold Out

Kirstie Macdonald

If you’re not listening, you’re not learning (Lyndon Baines Johnson)

At this very moment millions of people are discussing an infinite array of personal passions and interests across a myriad of digital networks and platforms. When they talk, they reveal their thoughts, opinions, interests and behaviours. All of this information is available for you to harness.

Observing, listening, gathering, organising and interpreting digital data via behavioural analysis provides highly practical, custom-made actionable insights.

Insights your competitors don’t have that inform market and campaign positioning and identify latent and emerging audiences. These insights convert shared passions into tangible readership and inform content planning, language, tone and imagery. They identify topics and trends, advising exactly what to share, when, to whom and why.

Do you want to fight for your audience in 2016 and beyond? Then commit your competitive strategy to the development of a profound understanding of your audience.


About Kirstie

Kirstie is a Director and a Board Member of Disruptive Insight, a Social and Digital Intelligence Consultancy, pioneering innovative social media insight, listening and intelligence techniques to gather and interpret audience behaviours.

A Project Manager with 18 years’ experience in the Marketing, Communications and PR Industry, Kirstie moved to DI (as a self-proclaimed research geek) from her position of Director of Events at creative communications agency Material_UK, where she led a team to deliver campaigns and cultural event programmes on behalf of FMCG brands.

Kirstie’s specific skills and professional passions focus on campaign planning, research and effectiveness evaluation. She is an active member of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, a Business Leader member of The Marketing Society and an obsessive fan of music and the media.

Illustration courtesy of Matt Sloe