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Luise Mulholland

Beyond traditional subscriptions marketing



Selling subscriptions is challenging and we are having to work harder to keep traditional channels effective and find new ways to reach our audiences in this faster-paced, online world. Signing up for a subscription should be a seamless user experience across multiple channels that builds the base for your relationship with that customer.

What that means is lots of testing – from channel, offer, message, design and technology – which should be a very exciting prospect for any marketer.

This workshop will give you ideas and tips for acquisition campaigns, retention testing, audience nurture programmes and customer service tools… no matter what the size of your budget.

Luise Mulholland

Luise is a media professional with over 20 year experience in UK and International subscription marketing. She is currently Direct Marketing Director at Dennis Publishing, managing audience acquisition on The Week portfolio. Before joining the Dennis team, she worked at RBI for 15 years, managing subscription acquisition, ecommerce and customer services across multiple brands. Prior to RBI, Luise experienced both B2B and consumer titles, working at publishers including EMAP, UBM and Inside Communications.

Luise’s specific skills and professional passions focus on audience development, campaign planning and ecommerce. She is always looking for new ideas to test and ways to improve the magazine subscription process for her customers. She is actively involved with the PPA, having been Chair of the Customer Direct committee and involved in the planning of the last three Customer Direct Conference & Awards.