Sold Out

Peter Houston

Workshop: Fighting for your audience - How to develop deadly reader personas

You don’t need to be a Cracker-style profiler to talk about why people come to your publication - every publisher can trot out their magazine’s mission statement.

But if you really want to fight for your audience, it’s crucial to get beyond the elevator pitch, figure out who your audience is and really understand what they want.

In this workshop we’ll talk about how to research and create reader personas, how to plan and commission targeted content, how to get and act on feedback and generally win the battle for your audience’s attention.


About Peter

Peter has worked in publishing for almost 30 years. He founded Flipping Pages Media in 2013 to provide strategic consulting and practical training that helps publishers identify and dismantle the barriers between their print and digital publishing operations.

Peter has run Guardian Masterclasses, spoken at Google's Think Publishing event and judges the Digital Magazine Awards, the British Media Awards and was chairman of the Scottish Magazine Awards in 2014. He published the Magazine Diaries in support of child literacy charity MagAid and is currently Editor-at-Large for

Illustration courtesy of Matt Sloe