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Phil Arnold

Workshop: Create Once, Publish Anywhere?

In a world of multiple devices, never ending demands on our attention and changed reading habits, is a ‘create once publish anywhere’ model possible for your organisation or even desirable?

Join censhare’s Phil Arnold to explore the technical and business challenges to help you fight for your audience wherever they are.

We will present and discuss why a one size fits all solution doesn’t exist and explore the potential benefits and the pitfalls with illustrative examples of where publishers and non-publishers alike have successfully turned complexity into value.

  • Should you use the same content for all channels?
  • Do digital only publishers have it easy?
  • What is a content first workflow and do you want one?


About Phil
Phil Arnold is MD for censhare in the UK. He is responsible for the growth and positioning of the censhare omni-channel publishing platform with major publishers and corporate marketing departments. His key successes have included solution delivery at Hearst Magazines, Bauer Media, Argus Media, Parragon Books and at consumer manufacturer, Dyson.

He oversees a multi-tasked team based in the UK, which is part of the Munich-based censhare AG, and contributes in all areas of project delivery, sales and marketing for solution, business and partner development. Since his appointment in 2008, censhare has witnessed double digit growth year on year in both head count and revenues.

Previously Phil had his own consultancy where he launched a major trade show event and, prior to that, a technology consultancy company in the publishing industry, helping publishers and corporates with editorial and asset management solutions.

Most recently censhare has helped publishers fully automate the reporting and invoicing of picture usage in their magazine production, and launched a standard external facing portal to enable easy syndication and licensing of content.

Illustration courtesy of Matt Sloe