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Sha Nazir

Illustration Workshop: Don't Guess Who

Unsure who your audience is? Knowing who and what your audience is can be half the battle for creating content for them and holding onto them.

We'll help you express what you do know in a fast paced interactive session, working by yourself and in teams you'll use visual language with storytelling via the medium of comics to illustrate your ideas.

Can't draw? That's ok, if you can write the alphabet, you can draw (we'll show you how).


About Sha:

Sha is an illustrator and designer who has worked on a diverse range of books, from the critically acclaimed The Amazing Mr. Mackintosh through to Mega Penguin. As the publisher at BHP Comics he’s also responsible for releasing new Graphic Novels and comics from industry legends like John Wagner to break out creators like Clare Forrest, in addition to producing Glasgow Comic Con, which last year saw over 10,000 attendees pass through its doors.

He is the founding chair of the Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance (SICBA). His first graphic novel Laptop Guy, was released nationally in summer 2016, and his academic writing is part of Comic Invention, which accompanies the Hunterian Art Gallery exhibition, Comic Invention: The World’s First Comic.

Illustration courtesy of Matt Sloe