Monday 27th August 2012 - Industry day

The MagFest industry day features four speaker sessions covering the hot topics in magazine publishing today. They provide an invaluable opportunity to hear from key publishing figures and join in the debate alongside respected peers from the creative industries. Delegates will also enjoy an evening reception where they can network and enjoy a special magCulture curated exhibition in Our Dynamic Earth's stunning Stratosphere space.


Entrepreneurship in Publishing

Our distinguished panel asks what defines a publishing entrepreneur in 2012 and how that definition has changed. With the raft of audience and market data available on tap, is a scientific approach more likely to succeed in sourcing new market opportunities and opening new revenue streams? And how much stock should be put in market knowledge and industry experience when markets are changing so fast?


Serious Business of Making Money

From paid content to emerging digital advertising models, publishers are faced with an expanding array of opportunities for generating new revenues. This panel explores how, in a rapidly changing and increasingly multi-platform market, companies are making the most of these opportunities while safeguarding existing revenue sources and monitoring new threats.


The Digital Dialogue

Magazines no longer exist exclusively in print as digital channels have shifted the landscape of content delivery. This panel reflects on the industry's digital journey to date and considers how magazine brands are embracing a multi-platform future and finding the right balance to meet audience and advertiser demand.


2020 Vision - the future

What does the future hold for magazine publishers? Given the significant structural change experienced over the previous decade, we ask the panel to predict what we can expect the industry to look like in 2020 and how it will be different from the publishing sector we know today.


Evening reception

As a continued active and passionate supporter of the UK publishing community, the Air Business Group is very proud to sponsor the inaugural 2012 MagFest Evening Reception.

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